About Leadwolf


Music is memory. It takes us back like nothing else can. Songs remind us of first loves, broken hearts, and all of the life in between. Remember when you heard your favorite band for the first time? That first song? That first chorus that rang in your ears for days on end? Who your were with when you heard it? How you felt when it started and when it ended way too soon? Music helps make us who we are. Leadwolf is born from these memories, and they're here to give those same memories to a new generation.

For Leadwolf frontman, Nash Propst, remembering things like this is second nature. He was in his first car in the parking lot of a Best Buy when he pushed play on Jimmy Eat World’s “Futures” LP. He was in the back seat of his Jr. High crush’s family car when she put on Dashboard Confessional’s “The Swiss Army Romance.” He was hanging with his high school bandmates when the drummer showed the rest of the guys Further Seems Forever’s “The Moon Is Down.” These albums would leave a lasting impression, and their influence echoes through Nash’s songwriting today.

As a former lead guitarist for Midwestern indie-rock bands, as well as having a stint as a guitarist for a Nashville based country outfit, Nash spent 12 years of his musical career in supporting roles. In the midst of personal struggle and career uncertainty, Leadwolf was conceived. Nash knew this was the time to strike; heading out on his own in an attempt to leave his mark on the world.

By name, Leadwolf is derived from family names. Propst on Nash’s dad’s side is of German origin, meaning “to designate someone in charge.” Wolfe on his mom’s side is of German origin, simply meaning “wolf.”

By nature, Leadwolf strives to gather and protect a pack and lead them on a journey. Fans of Leadwolf will find comfort in the familiarity of the sound, the honesty of the lyrics, and the determination to stand out in a pop-driven culture.

By music, Leadwolf takes nods from artists who inspired a generation of indie musicians. Nuances of Jimmy Eat World, Copeland, and Dashboard Confessional can be heard throughout. The musical energy tells its own story alongside the lyrics in an effort to evoke the emotion penned by the song’s writer.

Leadwolf releases their debut full-length album, "Dreams" in the fall of 2017.